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Welcome To Hudson Academy

At Hudson Academy for International Students Toronto Canada,we focus on helping students reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen career paths even after they graduate.


The highest standard,the most qualified teacher and first-rate facilities.There are Top science labs,Indoor Stadium,library,Art room,A full service cafeteria.Our university transfer program meets every student's aspirations.Open day let you know more about us.

Educational Approach

We pride ourselves for having the highest standards,the most qualified teachers and top-notch facilities. Many students arrive with limited English skills,but quickly they have all the necessary English skills needed for their post-secondary education and beyond with us.

Hudson Experience

Our campus is state-of-the-art facility which features a top quality science lab that is equipped with modern technology,an brand new indoor gym,library,two computer rooms,art room,and a full service cafeteria that serves up healthy meal options.

Entrance Scholarship Program

Our university transfer program caters to the ambitions of every student,whether you want to go into business,economics,
engineering,computer science or another area of study that you are passionate about. And our graduates are definitely passionate.

Open House

We're delighted you're considering Hadson Academy as a school for your child. Before you start an application,we encourage you to learn more about our programs and the admission process,and plan a visit to get a feel for our school life.


Selection of a school for your child is the most important decision and the largest investment that you will ever make.

During these high-school crucial years of development,your child spends more than half of his/her waking hours in school. Our Association knows that one size does not fit all. A parent is encouraged to choose the school that best fits the needs of their child.

  • HAS welcomes students from around the world!
  • HAS students successfully transfer their credits to major universities within Canada and the United States.
  • Many Universities in Canada come to HAS seeking our students.
  • With 3 semesters per year and over 100 courses per semester,you'll have the option to graduate sooner.
  • Smaller classroom size.
  • Lower student-to-teacher ratio and more time for student-teacher interaction.
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Below are some essential steps when applying to Hudson Academy.
Plan your visit:Our Admissions team looks forward to answering your questions during your visit. We are also available by phone or email.
Complete application form: Fill out your Application Form(online is preferred), and upload required application documents.
Interview:Once your application is submitted, you will have the opportunity to book your interview and pay the application fee through our online booking system.


We are very pleased to introduce to you that we are Hudson Academy in Toronto. We have achieved world-famous success in providing convenience for students worth studying abroad, so we have established a good reputation. In order to achieve this, we began to provide "welfare" services for students in 2003.
Some of the many exciting and innovative aspects of UCC's IB curriculum involve courses that employ Design Thinking and Design Innovation, which focus on generating solutions to real-world problems. Design courses combine research, awareness-building about societal issues and implications, design creation, as well as prototype development and execution.
The goal of bilingual schools is to train children to master the conversion skills from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese at a very young age. The first step to complete this transformation is from "speaking English" to "thinking in English".
Classroom teaching is fluid, the answer to the question is not fixed, which is a major feature of modern primary school Chinese classroom teaching. Most people who have had learning experience will know that it is easiest to think broad questions along the traditional way of thinking, but the most difficult thing is to turn the angle and think independently in their own unique way.
For many families whose economic conditions permit, they usually provide their children with learning opportunities to study abroad, and provide high-quality conditions for their children's growth with the help of the unique Western teaching mode. Even if studying abroad has more benefits for children's growth, parents also need to be cautious.


Monday - Friday:
9am-3pm   High school curriculum
3pm-4pm   Community activities/ESL Study
6pm-8pm   After-Hours Care
Saturday / Sunday
9am-1pm   Youth Club